People healing people

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People healing people

Curatio Solutions creates, aligns and grows independent and hospital based specialized wound care and hyperbaric medicine programs ; we are uniquely positioned to create business partnerships with physician entrepreneurs, hospitals, and health systems. Curatio Solutions works closely with our partners, in driving this specialized patient centered therapy via “right place, right time, right cost” care while improving clinical outcomes for our patients. Curatio Solutions manages the entire development process from inception to completion, and upon implementation and opening continues to manage each center’s program, allowing physicians to focus on providing exceptional and innovative clinical management in the patient care continuum

Our Business

We partner with Hospitals, Physicians, and other healthcare providers to establish and manage all aspects of Limb Preservation Centers to include Wound care, Vascular and Hyperbaric Medicine …...

Our Solution

We are experts in treating and healing chronic wounds by utilizing state of the art Wound Care, Vascular procedures and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy …...

Limb Preservation Solution

Our physicians utilize the most advanced interventional limb preservation techniques to restore blood flow to the affected wound tissues …...

Integrated Care Coordination

Provide one plan of care for patients with potential Peripheral Artery Disease, Critical Limb Ischemia and Acute Limb Ischemia …...



Our Vision

Saving lives across the world.

Our Mission

Talented people using state of the art technology and life sciences to heal wounds, save limbs to preserve life.