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Hyperbaric Chambers

Curatio Solutions utilizes only the industries best Mono-place chambers. Our chambers are large, safe, and comfortable. Each chamber has its own entertainment system, cooling system and a highly trained and dedicated hyperbaric technologist for monitoring systems and the patient. Further Info


Curatio Solutions provides experienced, talented staff that have been trained and oriented through Curatio Solutions specialized training program. We pride ourselves in hiring not only talented, experienced people in the field of wound care and hyperbaric medicine, but who also have a patient first focused attitude. Customer service is paramount to us! Our customer is not only the hospital and physician but ultimately the patient. Whether we are taking over an existing operation and absorbing the staff or starting up a new clinic, we work with the hospital to ensure we have the right team in place to be successful. Further Info

Billing Services

Our staff is highly trained with decades of experience in the field of revenue cycle management on both the technical and professional side of billing. Our staff works directly with your revenue cycle systems and team; we use established hospital protocols to make sure all services provided are billed for appropriately and accurately – the first time! Further Info

Community Education / Training

In our model we feel strongly that to be successful we must have a dedicated community educator in the hospitals market. Communication is key to success – feedback to the physician is essential. Feedback to the patient is critical. We provide several ways for this to happen, from direct education of physicians and their staff to patient portals that allow the patient to be in constant contact with their treatment team. Our goal is to make sure that both the referring physician and the patient understand the overall treatment plan, can ask questions, and give feedback. Further Info

Electronic Medical Record

We utilize a state of the art wound care and hyperbaric medicine EMR. Our EMR is capable of being integrated into the hospital’s Electronic Health Record making ease of use for hospital staff and physicians a top priority of ours. Our EMR can integrate with your Patient Accounting System helping make sure charges are not lost throughout the entire treatment process. Further Info

Commercial Contract Review Assistance

Our experienced team is here to help you review current outpatient/inpatient contracts as they pertain to wound care and hyperbaric medicine. Most hospitals have this under control, think of us as a resource if you currently don’t have outpatient contracts, need Letters of Agreement or simply need current commercial contracts reviewed. Further Info


We provide all the resources needed to satisfy both wound care and hyperbaric requirements. We work closely with you to determine those needs; we pull the training plan together and implement it in various ways – in person training, on-line training and on-site training. Further Info

Supply Management

Our practice management system allows us the ability to track all supplies ordered and used in the wound care center. This practice helps insure supplies are there when needed, are ordered only when needed, are used prior to expiration, are charged for appropriately, and are not misused. Further Info

Oxygen Supply Solutions

Our team works closely with oxygen companies to provide you with the best low cost oxygen solution. We have developed solutions for providing oxygen to chambers in the off campus setting. As you know this setting can often be the most difficult and most costly to set-up for your outpatient hyperbaric program. We navigate this for you. Further Info