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Patients at Curatio Solutions Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Centers receive the highest quality treatment available. Our caring staff are trained in both hyperbaric medicine and the latest wound care technology and understand the compounding benefits of this adjunctive plan. Patient education is a high priority for us as well. Part of every treatment plan is an intense focus on making sure that patients and families understand their disease process, how this contributes to the formation of wounds, and what will be needed to heal the wound. We also include the patient’s active participation in the treatment process, explaining what their part is in the care plan in order to maximize healing advantage opportunities. Behind every wound, several elements must exist in order for it to heal. These elements include adequate blood flow which carries oxygen and nutrition to the wound, adequate protein levels in the blood that result from a well-balanced diet, management of swelling, and management of bacteria. Below is a link to some of the most common wound types. Click on the link to read about each one to understand contributing factors in the formation of the wound and what can be done to heal them. Also available in the link are pictures so that you can compare them to wounds you or a family member may be struggling with. If these look familiar, call Curatio Solutions to find out how you can be linked with one of our centers to get started on your road to recovery!