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First Visit

What to expect on your first visit

Once contact is made with one of the Curatio Solutions Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Centers, our front office coordinator will start the process of verifying your insurance and discussing with you the details of your plan coverage and co-pay amounts. An appointment will be set for the you to arrive at the center for an initial assessment visit.


Initial Visit

  • A wound care RN will welcome you, assess the wound(s), clean them, measure them, and photograph them
  • A wound care physician will examine your wound and review your medical history to include a list of all current medications
  • Labs will be drawn to obtain baseline data that will be followed throughout your treatment
  • Other diagnostic testing may be done such as radiography, cultures, biopsies, etc
  • The physician may remove any dead tissue that exists in or around the wound
  • The wound care staff will apply the physician order treatment modality and teach the patient how to perform any needed care at home until the next visit
  • A treatment plan will be discussed and decided upon with the patient and the wound care team
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy may be recommended as part of the treatment course
  • A follow up visit will be scheduled


Follow Up

  • Wound care staff will undress your wound, clean it, measure it and photograph it
  • The physician will assess the progress of wound healing
  • Test results will be reviewed
  • Dead tissue will be removed if needed
  • Next steps for the treatment plan will be discussed
  • Next appointment will be set


Patient Participation in Wound Healing

There are many things patients can do to speed up the wound healing process and to help ensure that wounds do not recur.

  • Follow physician instructions for wound treatment at home
  • Eat a healthy diet that includes significant protein intake
  • Maintain appropriate blood sugar levels if the patient is a diabetic
  • Take medications as ordered
  • Return for all follow up visits
  • Stop smoking

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